"The Impact of Assembly Bias on the Galaxy Content of Dark Matter Halos"
Zehavi, I., Contreras, S., Padilla, N., Smith, N.J., Baugh, C.M., Norberg, P. 2018, ApJ, 853, 1

"Off the baryonic Tully-Fisher relation: a population of baryon-dominated ultra-diffuse galaxies"
Mancera PiƱa, P.E., Fraternali, F., Adams, E.A.K., and 17 co-authors 2019, AJL, 883, L33


Instructor of Record for A105: Stars and Galaxies

Indiana University: Fall 2018

I taught an in-person, introductory astronomy course with an enrollment of 26 students. I was solely responsible for creating the syllabus, assignments and exams, and lecturing twice a week. The course is focused on giving students a basic approach to the science of astronomy, including topics such as gravity, the nature of light, the Sun, the properties of stars, galaxies, and cosmology.

Instructor of Record for A107: Art of Astronomy

Indiana University: June-July 2018

I co-taught an online, intro class with an enrollment of 56 students. The Art of Astronomy (A107) is a course designed to engage students with the beauty and science contained within popular astronomical images. The course utilizes activities including labs with Adobe Photoshop and Stellarium software and a final project designed to allow students to create their own images to convey astronomical information. I helped write quizzes and the syllabus for the course as well as maintained student engagement with anouncements and virtual office hours.

Associate Instructor

Indiana University: Various Semesters

Assisted instructors of various introductory courses. Duties included proctoring exams, running small lab activities, leading study sessions, and grading. Courses included the Solar System (A100), Stars and Galaxies (A105), and the Art of Astronomy (A107).


  • njs3 [at]
  • Astronomy Department, Swain West
    727 East 3rd Street
    Bloomington IN, 47405